Knee pain can be debilitating, resulting in lack of ability to do daily activities. Regardless of the reasons, it is important to determine the kind of knee pain you are going through. Here is a brief explanation of the different phases of knee pain:

Acute Pain: It is the most severe pain that occurs approximately 1-7 days after an injury. It is important that you rest the knee for 1-2 days depending on the severity of injury following with active movements that are non-weight bearing.

Sub-Acute Pain: It happens from 2-6 weeks after injury. Gentle motion around the knee area can help you regain mobility. During this phase weight-bearing exercises is key to help strengthen the knee.

Chronic Knee Pain: When you suffer from the pain for more than 12 weeks, the knee pain becomes chronic and does not seem to improve.

Helpful Exercises for Knee Pain:

1. Straight Leg Raise

Lay on your back. Bend one knee with your foot completely flat on the floor. Keep the knee of your straight leg firm and then start lifting it up to the height of the knee that is bent. You will notice that your squads and flexors are working. In the entire step, keep your pelvis area still. Perform at least 2 sets of 10 reps of this exercise.

2. Wall Squats:

Place a big stability ball in a way that it should be between your low back and the wall. Now, come forward a couple of feet while keeping your feet hip bone at some distance. Start bending at your hips and knees to bring thighs in a parallel position on the floor. Keep your back straight and knees lined up over. Squeeze your glutes while straightening your back to your start position. This exercise works on your glutes and quads.

3. Step Ups:

You can use a sturdy box to start this exercise. Start with a 6-inch step and then you can increase the height. The height should not be higher than your knees. Keep both of your feet on the box. Now step back with one foot, tap your toe on the floor and then step back up while completely straightening your leg on the floor. Keep your knee tracking over the second toe. Go with 15-20 step-ups and then switch legs.

4. Lateral Walk:

You would need a theraband to tie around your ankles. Now, slightly squat down putting weight on your heels and keeping the knees over ankles. Make sure you maintain constant tension in the band. Take 10 steps to the right and then switch to the left. Perform 2 sets of lateral walk every day.

Try these simple yet extremely effective exercises to regain the strength of your knees. However, if you do not find relief, do not forget to contact our therapist at Advanced Spine Centre to get a customized rehabilitation program for your knee complaint. Check out our website, explore the services, and schedule an appointment with one of our Physiotherapist today at (416) 440-2999.

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