Regardless of the nature of work, you are likely to get serious workplace injuries at any point. Hundreds of thousands of individuals every year experience life-altering and life-threatening workplace injuries. Some of the injuries are beyond their control and have turned into a part of their lives.

Surprisingly, every 3 in 7 working professionals of different industries in Canada suffer from some kind of workplace injuries. Sad thing is that a large number of injuries remain unchanged, leaving a permanent scar on the health. If you have not taken your health seriously while you are at work, the following injuries will give you a reason to rethink about it:

Repetitive Strain Injury:

The repetitive motion of joints can result in the RSI. Many people don’t take repetitive motion injuries seriously and continue to follow their wrong working patterns. The problem is becoming increasingly common day after day affecting a large number of people.

The problem is not related to professionals working with computers and keyboards; anyone can get RSI. Cumulative effects of the injury can be terribly serious.

Injuries Caused by Falling Object:

An object falling from your desk can be responsible for an injury. It sounds gibberish but when you bend your body to uplift an object from the floor, you put your body on developing an injury.

The risk of the injury increases when you end up feeling full force. The problem is related to strain, sprain, bruises, and fractures as well. The best way to prevent the problem is to pay close attention to your posture of lifting the object.

Strained Muscles:

This is one of the most common problems experienced by about 80% of people at work. Strained muscles occur when you overstretch your muscles while involving in a certain physical activity. Fatigue, overuse, and improper use of muscles lead to strained muscles. Anyone who regularly lifts heavy items can experience the problem more than anyone else.


The icy or wet parking lots are not only responsible for slipping or tripping. The problem sustains in an office setting as well and people experience it due to slippery surfaces of their offices. Fall from ladders is also a common cause of workplace injury. Some other trapping hazards that belong to this category are rolling office chairs, upturned mat, water on the floor, wires and cords, etc. The problem is serious as it can lead to back injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or fractures.

How to Treat Workplace Injuries?

The office environment presents a unique set of work challenges and injuries too. It’s impossible to avoid work, but it’s possible to either prevent/cure these injuries that can hamper the quality of your life. If you experience any symptom of the above-mentioned workplace injuries, don’t take your health for granted and seek expert chiropractic treatment.

Accidents can be terrible. Give your health the best chiropractic treatment from experienced chiropractors. It will restore your well-being. It’s better to take preventative steps and cure the condition as soon as possible. Or contact Advanced Spine Centre for easy and quick chiropractic care.

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