Almost all of us have experienced some tensions or twists in muscles in our life. Today everyone is facing a hectic schedule and sitting on their computers for hours at a stretch; it is often very typical to develop stiff necks and shoulders that turn your life into hell. One of the best ways out that we all usually follow is to take a pain reliever that works as a muscle relaxant. They don’t rectify the damage that the muscle has by now suffered but gives a short-term relief as a substitute. But there several side effects of taking these pain killer medicines.

As we know, muscle strain or “pulled muscle” is a common injury that most people experience due to mechanical stress in their day to day life.

The severity of the muscle strains are classified into three categories mainly:

Stage 1 – Initial phase –Less pain, few fibers are torn

Stage 2 – Inflammation and bruising of areas as more than 90% of the muscle fibers rupture.

Stage 3 –Complete rupture of muscles and loss of function

After a long hectic day at the office, wouldn’t it be great to get a massage? A customized massage treatment plan is the best way to recovery of a muscle strain. Connecting with skilled Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Chiropractors that can help you identify the leading cause of the injury and rehabilitate it is crucial. The massaging and rubbing surges blood flow in muscles that result in better circulation and absorption of nutritional components into the muscles. Good Massage therapy also produces some good feel chemicals’ that helps speed recovery, diminishes pain and decreases anxiety.

Connecting with a licensed Massage Therapist in Toronto helps you manage discomfort, decrease muscular tension, surge mobility and boost the strength to return to your regular activities. In addition to this, they will offer you some exercises and solutions to prevent strains from happening yet again.

Things you need to avoid for a Muscle Strain

If you are uncertain that you have a muscle strain, it is good to book an appointment with Best Chiropractor Toronto or Registered Massage Therapist to avoid the following:

Working in pain

Continuing to challenge the muscle

You are stretching the muscles without proper supervision

Working continuously in the same position

Joining sports or other aerobics too soon without permission from a medical professional

Here at Advanced Spine Centre, we understand that every strain and every individual is different. Therefore the exercise procedure will be dependent on the severity of the problem. Our experienced physiotherapist doctor will be the best person to offer you the appropriate course of action that provides healing performing even in acute stages of pain.

Suppose you are feeling pain in your back or neck at Advance Spine Centre. In that case, you will find a team of extremely competent Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Massage therapists that offer you with best solutions to relax your body and strain. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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