WSIB also known as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is one of the largest insurance organizations in North America. They help patients when an injury or illness happens on the job. They ensure that patients get the treatment they deserve, provide wage-loss benefits, and provide a safe return to get back to work.

At Advanced Spine Centre we understand this may be a difficult time for patients as they may not be able to work during their recovery and this may result in loss wages. Our goal is to get them back to work as soon as possible but also ensuring the patient is physically capable of doing their duties at work with no pain.

WSIB requires all clinics to fill out initial assessment reports and Form 8 on patients first visit and fax to WSIB. In addition to this patient need to fill out a Form 6 and their employer needs to fill out a Form 7. Once all forms are received by WSIB patients will get a claim number which will allow for treatment to begin.

As an approved Healthcare provider for WSIB, Advanced Spine Centre is a qualified clinic to provide treatment for patients in need. On the patients first visit all the forms will be filled out. A thorough understanding of their work duties is needed to determine if patient can return to work with regular duties, modified duties, or to not return at all until further notice. Duties as well as patients work hours will be adjusted if needed.

An updated functional abilities form will be faxed to WSIB and patients employer every 2 weeks to provide the most updated status of the patient of their functional abilities.

An outcome summary report will be submitted to WSIB near the end of the program of care to advise WSIB on the termination of the claim. This report will identify the patients physical abilities at the end of their treatment plan.

When it comes to incidents at work it is important to report it to your employer right away so that it can be documented. As a patient you may think that everything will be okay, and your minor ache will go away so don’t feel the need to report it. This happens a lot and patients should understand that just because you are not symptomatic right away it does not mean you won’t feel any aches or pain couple days or weeks later. Therefore, everything should be reported and documented as soon as it occurs. The longer you wait to report your incident from the day of incident the harder it becomes to get approved for your claim. With this being said WSIB understands these types of situations so they do allow for claims being submitted for treatment a couple weeks after the incident.